Smooth and Easy Instrumental Background Music - Normandy - relaxdaily N°070.

Smooth and Easy Instrumental Background Music - Normandy - relaxdaily N°070

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    User 167720146 - 2016/02/11 01:55:55

    easy and nice to listen to

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    Steve-G - 2015/05/12 18:31:20


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    Kinosei - 2014/11/06 16:50:25

    omg <3

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    Ess Tea e Dub - 2014/10/28 23:13:29

    Nice Track... Come check one of mine http://m.soundcloud.com/ess-tea-e-dub/millie-master

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    LoungeGroup Repost - 2014/08/20 20:30:24


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    Modather Ali - 2014/06/05 19:23:13


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    Vineet Dhareshwar - 2014/04/17 20:52:00


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    sangue - 2014/02/08 02:13:55

    We used this song for the birth of my daughter...every time I hear I get tears of joy. Thanks for giving us such a wonderful melody to such a beautiful event.

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    bohussain - 2013/12/28 23:47:05

    fly baby fly

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    Halina Bart - 2013/12/01 23:45:40

    very good

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    Roxanne Pomerantz - 2013/11/20 15:11:09

    i hear hobbit inspired melody! one of my personal favorites, honestly

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    iluvbooks - 2013/11/20 03:41:07

    I can listen to this all day long

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    iluvbooks - 2013/11/20 03:39:25

    relaxing and calm...THANKS!

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    Cole Pankey - 2013/11/10 06:58:04

    This music is truly relazing

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    Dannette Bailey 1 - 2013/08/08 05:26:39

    as a classically trained musician, it is so nice to hear someone create new music with the respect to "real" instruments and to music theory. moving forward without forsaking what came before, love it

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    Hany daf - 2013/07/26 12:07:49

    @mary-la-diva: mee to

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    Mohammad Alsuhayyih - 2013/07/12 11:01:16

    your are the next ryan farish

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    Rλ¥ÐΣЛ ĿΩŘЙ - 2013/07/07 11:46:01

    Fantastic work. Thank you so much.

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    FUNERAAL/HYMNN - 2013/07/01 04:28:37

    im....i mmm FLYYYYYYY

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    Abdulhameed AL-Khafage - 2013/06/26 06:08:00

    Man !!!! I going to get full GPA with ur music, keep up ur magical music ....big love form IRAQ.



A smooth and easy instrumental music piece. Listen in the background while studying, learning, working, thinking, meditating, daydreaming, making plans, doing your household chores or simply relax and enjoy the music and video :) This track (relaxdaily N°070) became part of my album "B-Sides N°2": https://itunes.apple.com/album/b-sides-n-2/id776237297 About the video ( http://youtu.be/ngchAGa1op8 ): I captured the video footage in early May 2013 around Criel-sur-Mer, Normandy, France. Weather-wise that day was pretty mixed, starting a bit cloudy but ending quite sunny, but you see that in the vid yourself. Ever wondered where the phrase "free as a bird" comes from? You might get the idea when you watch out for the seagulls' playful maneuvers in flight. At some point I felt like I wanted to fly with them (probably not a healthy idea to execute when you stand on a cliff, some 80 meters above the shore... did someone already develop a working flying suit?) Anyway, I enjoyed my short trip to the Normandy very much and created the music track back home a few weeks later. Hope you enjoy, Michael (relaxdaily) subscribe for audio/video updates: http://www.youtube.com/relaxdaily visit my website: http://relaxdaily.net join the relaxdaily fan list: http://relaxdaily.fanbridge.com/ are you into longer instrumental music playlists? here are two that you might enjoy: http://youtu.be/FOIjvHjK0Rw (Cali coastal grass vid) http://youtu.be/VpxBTgbeMsw (Cali Highway 1 coastlines vid) relaxdaily music downloads: https://itunes.apple.com/artist/relaxdaily/id494543884 or search on amazon or visit my website. © 2013, relaxdaily


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