Stronger Than You (Undertale Parody Response).

Stronger Than You (Undertale Parody Response)

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    Pianokeys - 2016/10/26 16:33:39

    ... The feels

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    POKEYMANS - 2016/10/26 14:54:36


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    POKEYMANS - 2016/10/26 14:54:29


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    Jayden Reimer - 2016/10/25 22:44:30

    I'm bored and lonely and wanted to talk to someone

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    hora da aventura - 2016/10/25 20:06:11

    So cute

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    BlueWolf89 (Ash) - 2016/10/25 05:27:17

    I've like replayed this a million times

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    piplup plays - 2016/10/24 23:14:10

    I like it

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    ShadowboltSnake - 2016/10/24 18:50:14


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    ShadowboltSnake - 2016/10/24 18:50:06

    this is.... really sad D: and kinda weird

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    Sylvia Maple - 2016/10/24 17:20:19

    How did you manage to fuck up Frisk's ONE PERSONALITY TRAIT: DETERMINATION?! Frisk wouldn't give up, even if goddamn Ultra Sans was facing them in that corridor!

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    Rogvanaé - 2016/10/24 04:31:28


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    User 923038736 - 2016/10/23 23:51:35


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    xXCopper KidXx - 2016/10/23 19:25:12


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    xXCopper KidXx - 2016/10/23 19:24:59

    *dabs for no reason*

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    JowJowJaw - 2016/10/22 21:34:07


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    F8alFireDragon Gaming - 2016/10/22 20:51:16


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    nodz2008 - 2016/10/22 10:53:11

    ohhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaah

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    Puria Pur - 2016/10/21 21:51:06

    lol frisk killed everyone and now she relises it XD

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    Hailey_Paige - 2016/10/21 16:56:33

    its a beautiful day outside,birds are singing, flowers are blooming, on days like this

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    Hailey_Paige - 2016/10/21 16:50:36




EDIT: support the YT upload, maybe? c': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rmc0mahaig DOUBLE EDIT: yo the mp3 can be found in the link above! thanks so much for 1k downloads aaa /// not vocaloid wow but yeah i really wanted to contribute something to the fandom, so have a heartwrenching song about frisk's (and not chara) thoughts while fighting sans me? i love getting dunked on and do not regret anything forgive my shitty mixmox lyrics by the lovely @ateotu I didn’t know what I got into Somehow I can’t go back even if I really wanted to So what more can I do? Here at the end, it’s just me and you I never wanted to play by all the rules A knife in hand, I’m playing out the part of the fool So here we go, you can judge me thoroughly It’s too late for apologies. Go ahead and just hit me since you’re able We know my determination is unstable I’m not even mad because I keep on dying But I don’t even know why I’m trying. This isn’t what I want, yet it’s what I asked for Curiosity over all my morals I took away our perfect, happy ending Resetting the world despite the warnings Right now I’m made of LOVE ahh… of LOVE ahh… I know who you are, you remember who I am We knew that once in a timeline, we had grown to be good friends And yet I killed your brother without giving him a chance Every time you throw me down, I hope you kill me once again. So go ahead and just hit me since you’re able All the sin that I can feel is unbearable If I could only hit you once it would be over But the consequences last forever The flowers are in bloom as the birds will tell It’s a beautiful day to be burning in Hell You gave me advice, I chose genocide, But I know how to make it right. I am made of LOVE ahh… but I’ll give up for you.


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