You & I Will Always Remain (Hurowitz/Guiles) ft Paul Otten.

You & I Will Always Remain (Hurowitz/Guiles) ft Paul Otten

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    Zac Nelson - 2016/01/15 23:27:43

    This guitar hook is AMAZING



You And I Will Always Remain (Hurowitz/Guiles) (VERSE 1) Good days and bad days blow in the wind You never know what life’ll bring in Just hold my hand and stick around I know it’s hard but take it from me When the door is locked and there’s no key I’ll never ever really have a doubt Which ways out, which ways out (CHORUS) Everything around us will change But you and I will always remain Standing on top of the world As it’s turning You and I will always remain (VERSE 2) Tears they are detour signs on the road Another smile's waiting to show There's so much joy left to be found I’ll pick you up whenever you fall You’ll help me walk when you see me crawl I never ever really have a doubt What we’re about, what we’re about (CHORUS) (BRIDGE) You and me Every day We’ll take the best and nothing more When things get hard then we’ll just laugh Cos we’ll have seen it all before (CHORUS)


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